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Taken from Alkaline Trio singer, Matt SKiba, "skiba" means something ultimately cool....
I met this guy at the party the other dayand he was so skiba....
by Melissa May 31, 2003
simply amazing
wow that movie was SO skiba
by Anonymous January 30, 2003
last name of the alkaline trio best band ever!! guitarist and singer, who is the sexiest person in music, alongside tim armstrong and lars frederiksen of course...
better of trio's songs... queen of pain, cooking wine, nose over tail, sorry about that, radio, crawl, jaked on green beers, enjoy your day, clavicle, message from kathleen, donnes party (all night), madam me, you've got so far to go, fuck you aurora, she took him to the lake, and then there's the BEST trio songs... warbrain and every thug needs a lady...
by mini parr skiba January 21, 2005
A guy who will romance you until you sleep with him and then never call you again.
That boy I met at the party last week turned out to be a total Skiba.
by one of the skiba-ed September 28, 2003
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