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The lead singer of alkaline trio and of course, the sexiest mofo in all of the land
Matt Skiba- Remember when i said i love you, well, forget it i take it back. I was just a stupid kid back then. I take back every word that i said.
by Sophos the great May 08, 2006
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Lead singer and guitarist for Alkaline trio, and of course, fucking hot.
His lyrics are pure poetry.
Crack my head open on your kitchen floor
To prove to you that I have brains
Meanwhile, tin men are lead by little girls
Down golden roads that lead to nowhere
Fine time to fake a seizure
Feel your mouth on mine, you're saving me

lol, <3 matt skiba.
by 45hl3y. July 10, 2008
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Lead singer and guitarist for punk rock band Alkaline Trio. Born in Chicago, he now resides in Los Angeles with his fiancee Monica Parker. He is also extremely hot.
"Whoa, who is that hot guy rockin' out up there?! He's awesome!"
"Matt Skiba. And yes, yes he is."
by angel of darkness June 21, 2005
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