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A fat sweaty discusting girl that nobody wants to be with.

Look at that sweaty sketty girl!!
by Tom Griffiths February 25, 2008
Abbrev. for Spaghetti or long noodles. Can be used with additions. Example 'Sketty Bolognase'. Also the name of a small South West Wales village.
I'll just cook some sketty.
by luke thomas November 17, 2003
An epic one of a kind bond that can only be managed once in a lifetime between two hockey teammates who toss dirty marinara as their part time day job and chirp the dust opponents and wheel broads all at once. An invitation may be cordially sent out to incoming prospects by the skettians and their co-partner lil' sketty.
Self explanatory to toss sketty all day erryday
by Skettians January 29, 2011
Sketties is used to in place of on man, uh oh, or darn.
"Yeah she got in a bad accident"
Oh sketties :/

Dude I've got a quarter of kush...yeahh.
OH, SKETTIES... :) let's.
by Alyxander April 10, 2010
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