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When your too stoned to say the whole word, 'sketti' replaces the very long and difficult to say word: Spaghetti.
OI, stick us some sketti and toast on while you're in there will ya?
by g00gl3r December 16, 2004
Perhaps when you get wrecked by smoking canibis and downing a few bottles of bud, you tend to talk gibberish. If you just get wrecked on Weed, then you talk "Trapeezytratasons". If you don't smoke weed, you don't really know it exists but if you do, say it lots and you'll love it.

Often the language spoken by a new bonger.
The other day I saw an advert by Gillette, they've bought a new hoover out, I mean a new gillette out, I mean a bloody Razor..! Damn Trapeezytratasons again..!
by g00gl3r December 16, 2004

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