This activity occurs when you are in public and you see a police officer. The game goes as followed.
1. Spot a police officer or someone in law enforcement.
2. Look at him/her and make sure he/she sees you clearly.
3. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.
4. Results may vary.
A. Wanna play sketchball?
B. What's that?
A. It's awesome.
by stevemasterofallthings July 10, 2008
Top Definition
a. A person that is so involved in drugs, alcohol, sex, and general debauchery above what is conceiveably possible.
b. A shady character.
c. Someone that appears to have no moral judgment, self-respect, or general hygiene to the point where he/she is a total laughingstock that must be avoided.
Holy crap man, he lives in Roxbury, obviously hes a sketchball.

She dumped him and went out with two other guys on the same day? Holy sketchball, batman!
by Rooster October 24, 2003
Serves as a multiplier of sorts for the adjective "Sketch." Can be used to describe any person or situation that is unpleasantly odd or out of place. Often used specifically to denote a person who may seem untrustworthy, paranoid, or generally displeasing.
"Sitting in a parking lot with your lights off at 2 a.m. is way sketch ball."

"That dealer is a sketch ball to the max."
by Chandler W December 02, 2006
a.) The noun form of sketchy.
b.) Someone who participates in activities that you wouldn't want the majority of people to know about because people will think you're creepy, and avoid you.

Normal behavior of a sketchball include:
Hitting on girls outside of preppy suburban bars.
Sitting by themselves at night on their sidekick/blackberry
"Accidently" sleeping with people
Lurking people like crazy on facebook/myspace/AIM.
Man, Wesley is such a sketchball, he was lurking that girls myspace at the show, while SHE was at the show, somehow he ended up "accidently" sleeping with her, after he hit on her friend last night.
by ChristineOhhh May 27, 2007
a weird person
a guy was lurking behind a building by himself at 3 am. What a sketchball!
by Ellie September 26, 2003
1. One who is "sketch" quite often.
"Hell no, that sketch ball isn't coming to my party!"
by dan March 10, 2005
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