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when something is especially sketchy, it is referred to as a sketch-fest
what? he had sex with his cousin? , definitely a sketchfest
by Liz December 02, 2003
A group of three or more sketchy people, or a group of people that might be qualified as sketchy.
When I got to my building this total sketchfest was hanging around outside the door.
by "Fishy" Will June 24, 2006
A party, originally intended to be a low-key drunkfest, which turns quickly into an orgy which everyone later looks back upon with mild embarassment and chagrin. Originally conceived at Baker College, Rice University. See orgy.
?? hooked up with the whole Baker Hookup Web at Sketchfest '05.
by The Futon April 26, 2006
A location (usually a bar) filled with people who could be defined as sketchy.

Alternatively a large gathering of sketchy people.
"lets get out of here man...its a total sketchfest"
by TheSanityAssassin November 03, 2004
(v.)getting high with close friends(namely on a roadie)
(n.)1. the act of going out and smoking together
(n.)2. the collective group of regular smoking friends
Are we gonna have sketchfest tonight?

At sketchfest yesterday i got so ripped i almost freaked out and hurt somone.

Dude, we are sketchfest.
by Bill March 19, 2004
A word used to describe something or someone exceedingly sketchy.
Person 1: "whoah, that guy is really sketchy!"
Person 2: "Yeah, sketchfest!"
by Lumaaa May 14, 2008
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