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When you dont agree with something that someone says, or if someone says something in which you think is a "joke". This word is also applied when someone says something DAMN WRONG and you feel the need to emphasize the wrongness of it.
steve: deluc be hittin dat?
kendra: SKERRRTT

houck: you love him.
benbaby: uh.. skert.

teacher: today we will be reading pages 1- 130 in our books.
class including all tripple b's: SKERRRRT
by Manelly Meyak October 01, 2007
to drive really fast and out of control, especially around blind corners of the parknig garage, or running from the po po.
escalade skertin on 22s
by horsecock April 30, 2006
used to decribe coming to a halt, or screeching to a stop

also used to decribe crytal meth
When you ran that light it was like, "skert!", then you stopped.

Let's go get some skert.
by Robin April 22, 2004
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