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A term used to describe a situation that is to one's disliking. Also used to describe a situation that is uncomfortable or wack.

Not used as an abbreviation of skeptical, because you do not necessarily have to be skeptical of the situation.
You're in a situation that is not to your liking and you response could very well be...."Dis' be skep"
by Alex Kimmel October 24, 2007
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That's unfair. That isn't right.
My teacher played me skep.
by chelsea_lynn January 20, 2009
Shortened word for skeptical. The act of being skeptical, often used in derogatory terms.
Shitcunt 1: Hey, do you like my new jacket?
Shitcunt 2: Nahhh, i dunno
Shitcunt 1: Are you being skeps? What are you, a skeps cunt?
by A skeps cunts. June 25, 2009
Skep means grimy or basically you played that person.
Man i thought you was going to take me to the store you skep.
by Ali aka Roadogg November 29, 2007
A phrase used to describe someone that is being "Skeptical". Mainly used by "Colored Folks"
"Yo, Did you just see that nigga? He was skep as fuck!"

"Ya, I know right? everyone here is skep!"
by Vintagecondom December 02, 2009
Going mental, insane or being to off your face particularly when on stimulant drugs such as mephedrone
Lets gan pyr skep! *takes a foot long line* radge mental mephedrone
by snifferbear November 10, 2010
noun. Brittany's imaginary word. Supposedly an insult. Not actually a word.
Definition supposing it was a word would be the cross of skank and slut and Ephesian a native or inhabitant of ancient Ephesus or so I'm lead to believe...
But really, it's not a word. Never be heard using it.
"That's not a word loser"
by Urdu December 15, 2006

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