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a game played on the floor (usually in the foyer of the project building) using bottle tops etc... that are filled with wax. Usually crayon wax melted with a lighter into the top. Boxes are set up about 4 to 5 feet away from each other in a diagonal fashion. Players must move from box to box totaling 10 or more boxes. In the center is a set of boxes referred to as "Skelly". Skelly is synonymous with jail (yes, played in the hood go figure). You flick tops with a finger/thumb motion across ground to slide box to box ultimately hoping to get to the center unscathed. Meanwhile knocking the hell out of other players tops and "knocking them out the box" thereby eliminating your opponents. Usually the "top" aka Skelly top is made from a gallon milk top or some other lid from a beverage. Some flamboyant players will use olive jar tops or pickle jar tops (again filled with wax and pretty heavy) which serve a dramatic purpose when knocking the hell out of an opponents top. Finesse and strategy play important roles in ones success as you must be able to flick tops into small boxes drawn on the floor. Missing your box jeopardizes being put in Skelly and thereby not being able to participate for a period. Using a large top makes for a dramatic smacking of the opponents top out of their box. A successful player will move from box to box until flicking their top into center box thus winning game. You can be knocked into or out of Skelly by a sympathetic person.
by freezyfreaky June 27, 2009
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A dice game usually played in parking lots.
Hustlers play skelly on the streets outside of Jacobs.
by Tommy TG October 15, 2005
(noun) see meatspin.
skelly meatspins, billy meatspinned, they will meatspin together.
by Tadeo Guiseppe October 15, 2006
Simply a shorter way of saying the word skeleton. Commonly said by players in many MMORPGs such as Runescape or Illarion where skeletons are one type of enemy available to combat. Plural form of the word is "skellies", but some players may use this type of spelling for the singular form of the word as well by saying "skellie".
Ben23: What happened to you? Did you die?
Zack_Dawg: I got killed by some skellies. One skelly itself was particularly strong.
Ben23: Tough luck. I've faced many a skellie in my time here, and they're tough, but you'll get through it.
by Amras Onitalli October 26, 2006
A word used in response to a story which seems dubious.
'Pulling a skelly' on someone entails an action, where the index finger is put under the nose, to make a finger moustache.

most commonly used in response to a questionable or suspect story, where the likelyhood of a fake story is high.

used as:
Skelly over you
Fair Skel
guy 1: "dude, i had sex with seven women last night."
guy 2: <with finger moustache in place> "skelly."

guy 1: "hey, did you smoke all the weed last night?"
guy 2: "no..."
guy 1: <moustache> "skelly over you"
guy 2: "ah lads, mammy!"
by randybadger88 January 09, 2009
A scooter that has been stripped of all cosmetic parts. Typically, all wires, cables and hoses are fully exposed and all components are fully functional. Common among older scooters, where body parts may be difficult or very expensive to obtain, and emphasis is instead placed on running condition.

Also referred to as "cutdown".
That's a sweet skelly! What kind is it?
by Skellycrew August 11, 2010
The term for fucking the skeleton of a person who has never been laid while eating cake.
"when walking through the graveyard I saw a homeless woman skellying with chocolate cake"
by jerum April 24, 2007

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