(origin nigerian)

An adorable or very beautiful middle aged lady that is every man's desire....
"this skele too fine abeg"

i like that skele over there"
by mex4u October 16, 2010
Top Definition

we all love him cuz he has purple legs and listens to old 60, 70, and 80's music. this strawberry-ginger is so adorable! life would not be possible on earth without skele.
-hey did you notice skele's legs are purple?
-hell yeah, they're freakin awesome! like barney!
- iknow right?!
A girl, received and treated as easy to lay, cheap to seduce. Chicks that wear loads of makeup, an artificial look, cheap outfits, no style, no class, unenlightened to the new school thought and always hungry.
A] hey men are you going to keep it steady with that virgin chick?

B] nah men she is a Skele i'm passing it on
by abdulrazaqbelloivori June 25, 2011
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