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a complete and total dumb neighborhood ho, or a completely pussy-whooped male who picks his gf over his homies.

ho, pussy, whooped
1. A yo skeezo come here so we can fuck.

2. Hey, Jack is a fucken skeezo man. He never kicks it with us anymore.
by gabriel June 01, 2004
1.A scandelous ass bitch 2.A slut that lies, cheats, steals, etc..3.Prostitute 4. Drugged out junkie bitch
"Yo man, that skeezo at your house rolled me last night."
by champloo007 October 03, 2007
A woman who is known to be addicted to sex and pimped by mark.
"Yo they all be skeezo's up in this beast".
by Seth-ballin' October 27, 2003
a fatty blunt
i got 5 on the skeezo
by lcl nghbrthd plya August 05, 2003
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