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A baby slut; A girl who is not a full blown skank, but still does skanky things.
Person E: I hooked up with JOBO last night
Will: you are such a SKEEZLE.
by x January 09, 2005
A word that Alex H.(from MTV's Laguna Beach) made up. If someone does something silly or stupid. Its not to be taken seriously.
"*Johnny throws some cake*"
"Hes being such a skeezle"
by kaykFACE June 29, 2006
An underground slut. Although the girl has definitely been around, there is just something that rebells the word "slut". Looks can be deceiving, but watch it, these Skeezles are swarming with STDs.
"Man I got a piece of Maya's ass last night"-VICTIM "Yeah?, so has like half the school"-Friend "WHAT!?!?! I had no clue, she didn't seem tainted at all!"-VICTIM "You better hurry up and get yourself to the clinic for a check up!"-Friend
by Pimp Masta C October 06, 2003
A person who is a whore or gross and nasty.
That girl is a skeezle or a skeeze!
by cody stogsdill April 06, 2006
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