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A whore, tramp, skank, uber-slut; a gangelion of termagentcy.
you had sex with a car you skeezbag!
by Harrison Bergeron April 17, 2005
A female who appears to be of trailer park decent. Nappy clothes, ratty hair and a fugly face are all sure signs. They generally give off the personna of a whore. They are willing to sleep with ANYONE and perform degrading sexual favors such as ass-to-mouth. They come in handy if you have low standards or are planning on lowering your standards via Alcohol.
1. I was so drunk i picked up some skeez bag and went home.
2. If all else fails i'll fuck that skeez bag over there in the corner.
3. That fuckin Skeez bag gave me warts!!
by bluesfinest May 23, 2008
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