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when u skeet into a girls mouth, shes eating skeetles
"She likes her some skeetles"
by tehh doctor August 31, 2006
When you skeet all over a pack of skittles, and them feed them to an unsuspecting skittle-lover.
Right before my girlfriend took some of my skittles, I jizzed all over them, she said they were the best Skeetles she ever had.

I bit into the sticky skeetles realizing why they were so salty.
by haileybeee123 July 09, 2012
Ejaculation or climax achieved in the height of joy, elation, and exaltation. Stems from the emotion experienced upon witnessing a Double Rainbow ---> Skittles (taste the rainbow) ---> SkEEtle
I saw a full on Double Rainbow and didn't realize that I had a little skeetle in my pants until I went back inside.
by MadP August 03, 2010
a sexual act in which a man ejaculates in a girl's mouth while eating Skittles and screaming, "Taste the Rainbow!"
I'm gonna skeetle!!!!
by Ill-Use Pheewell Invisible H August 03, 2010
A particular female that you find attractive and would like to take home for the night. Also refers to a hot girl in general, does not have to be a one night stand. Originates from the work "Skeet."
Wow, look at that skeetle across the bar!
by Bewstin18 April 16, 2009
verb- describes the erratic, high-paced actions people who are under the influence of stimulants perform; often involving outbursts of off-kilter sermons, tedious chores, twitching, muttering under the breathe, unexpected jigs ect.
He skeetled around the party, entertaining the guests, until dawn. Then we watched him bustle down into the city and down an alley.
by AnnLeyez September 22, 2004
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