Skeetums is derived from the term, "skeet skeet". Skeetums is a versatile word which often used to express the joy or anticipation of getting poon tang, or celebrating after the fact.
- "Hey man, remember that chick I hooked up with in Canada?"
- "Hell yeah man, SKEETUMS!"
by Chris Mervis February 17, 2005
Top Definition
a girl who's a little slut.Talks to a bunch of different dudes and messes around with them.if in a group of girls "Skeeta Squad"
Ay bro check out them girls.
Na chill man that bitch is a skeeta.
by Carl marchowski October 23, 2009
An Arabic slang word used to describe a guy that is a sucker. Easily taken advantage of.
Did you hear that Ashraf is playing wide receiver on a different team? Wow, what a skeeta.
by Yusif612 February 09, 2014
Skeetums is another form of skeet skeet. It is, however once the skeet has chilled. That is, if skeet skeet were the act of skeeting, skeetums is the actual skeet.

Skeetums is another word for some skeet skeet.
Holy shit, I just got out of the bathroom at Remington Grill, and someone left skeetums all over the bathroom floor. That's fucking disgusting.
by Brian Boytano January 18, 2007
Something that is small, or shawt
Man this roach is burning my hands, its a skeeta
by Wesley November 15, 2004
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