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You know when the manager is walking down the hall because of the way they "clomp" when they walk
I'm glad I peeped that managerial clomp or I would have got caught marinatin on urban dictionary while paper chasin!!!
by smither614 April 24, 2009
The act of sending a fart biscuit direct to someone's nostril over a very long distance.
Dude 1: "Yo did you hear about that chick in California straight doggin' you???"

Dude 2: "Yeah, but I ate Taco Bell last night and sent her a go go gadget biscuit first class son!"

Dude 1: (throws up).."Nice"
by smither614 April 28, 2009
When you get the "Go Ahead" by your girl to put in in her poop shoot, but you would like to save it for another day... Poop Coup.
Yo I got that Poop Coup chillin' for a rainy day... bout to make it a rusty roman soldier... Clutch!
by smither614 April 28, 2009
That person who is 6'4", 130 pounds, walks without balance, straight up goof ball, airhead, tree trunks for legs... Jar Jar Binxin.
Yo check this chick straight Jar Jar Binxin'... I'm gonna need a go go gadget tip to stamp that forehead!
by smither614 April 28, 2009
When a man feels that he needs to mushroom stamp or portabello stamp someone from long distance, he can go go gadget tip a bitch!
Damn my bia is marinatin' in a different town and actin a skank... Go Go Gadget Tip to tha forhead like Bla Dowwww!!!
by smither614 April 24, 2009
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