An airy hissing fart delivered by a man. Like the fart of an attractive girl it also goes "pfft" or "pssst," but this time it reeks of shit, Axe Body Spray and armpits and the man who farted the skeeker will be made fun of as a fag by his retarded bro friends, because apparently a lot of gay men have loose asses and fart out skeekers all the time. In reality, only goatse farts like this.
The other day at football practice I heard an aerosol can-like sound like "pssst" and thought that cute girl who made cheerleading squad had passed gas, then I got a bolens boat boner. It then turned out to be a skeeker when I heard the dumb white trash jock in my class laughing like a retard and he said he tagged me with dat stank shit, because he thinks he's hella cool, then he saw my boner and called me a fag. I then punched him in the face because only beautiful women should fart like that and if he farts like that, then he's the fag!
by xXWhiteKnightXx September 06, 2010
skeet + skank, someone who you laugh about the next day after some P in the V with said skeeker
Damn im glad that skeeker last night was there to catch my big load in her mouth because no cum buckets were around
by Broth May 27, 2008

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