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breasts on a female so small they could be compared to mosquito bites, or bumps i.e., skeeda bumps
"that bitch had some nasty skeedabumps."
by Kyle Brum June 03, 2007
Skeedabumps is otherwise known as a reference to mosquito bumps, and used as an insult to girls with small breasts.However like many of the other great words of the English language, such as "gay" "sick" "nasty" "beast" "screw" and "coke", skeedabumps too is evolving. Skeedabumps recently has been used as an expression of dissatisfaction or frustration, a synonym for girls, as a silence killer, etc
Daniel: Yo I heard there’s a party tonight, we should check it out.
Marshall: Word? Skeedabumps?
Grant: Betta be skeedabumps doooooeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!
Marshall: CHYEA!
Daniel: Sheeeeeeeet if there aren’t any skeedabumps at that party I’ll be supasalty.
Sap: Tighten gotta work on that in practice dawg!
by Dem Richmond County Boys May 06, 2007

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