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to sniff that yayo into your brain
I was gettin skeed with codine at steamers
by Jigga March 01, 2005
i had that blunt of haze, and im skeed
by c blaze October 20, 2003
1. The state of beinq hiqh on weed.
1. bruh, we're skeed as a bitch.
2. bruh, we was so skeed yesterday.
3. bruh, im bout to qo qet skeed.
by J Fuckin' Swaqq February 02, 2010
"Skeed is an Australian community of car nuts, geeks, ravers, gamers, alcoholics, and plain old champions. If you dont have a sense of humour bugger off."
www.skeed.com australian community.
by Roadus April 03, 2006
1) To be hype

2) The act of being hype
Caleb: South Park comes on tonight, Skeed.

Ryan: Skeeeeeeeed
by SkeeSkeed October 19, 2011
derivative of "skeedaddle." To inexplicably leave work ultra-early, offering no explanation or rationale to baffled and bitter co-workers. Mainly a produce industry term, but widely applicable.
Get yo' skeed on brother
by El Doblero April 18, 2003
Male ejaculation; to shoot semen.
Just as Wayne and Garth (Wayne's World;SNL) say, "Sha-wing" for an erection. "Skeed" is for an ejaculation.
by Kuichi September 07, 2007