to sniff that yayo into your brain
I was gettin skeed with codine at steamers
by Jigga March 01, 2005
1. The state of beinq hiqh on weed.
1. bruh, we're skeed as a bitch.
2. bruh, we was so skeed yesterday.
3. bruh, im bout to qo qet skeed.
by J Fuckin' Swaqq February 02, 2010
"Skeed is an Australian community of car nuts, geeks, ravers, gamers, alcoholics, and plain old champions. If you dont have a sense of humour bugger off." australian community.
by Roadus April 03, 2006
Slang for 'scared'. A word that originated in New Zealand by mainly Maori adolescence. This word will be heard from the mouths of kids in New Zealand adapting to the African American 'thug' culture.
"G take a hike, I ain't fightin u"
"You hear that boys? White boys skeed"
by 12345656 September 14, 2014
1) To be hype

2) The act of being hype
Caleb: South Park comes on tonight, Skeed.

Ryan: Skeeeeeeeed
by SkeeSkeed October 19, 2011
derivative of "skeedaddle." To inexplicably leave work ultra-early, offering no explanation or rationale to baffled and bitter co-workers. Mainly a produce industry term, but widely applicable.
Get yo' skeed on brother
by El Doblero April 18, 2003
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