Upstate New York Redneck. See also "Redneck".
Mouth breathing idiots from upstate New York who can typically be found in their natural back-wood habitat - A trailer park.

Typically a Skeebo's house will have wheels while his automobile typically doesn't.
Top Definition
A skeebo is a shady kid who you want to punch in the face when you first meet him, without even getting to know him.
"Dude, 16 year old Morgan just tried to hit on my 19 year old girlfriend. What a skeebo!"
by Nikki Ev September 03, 2007
a girl who all you want to do with her is have sex, but she don't be actin right all the time.
We need to get them skeebos skirts off tonight
by J Tizzle January 31, 2004
1. an ancient martial art practiced by Shaolin Monks in the northern Himalayas consisting of drunken boxing while wearing skis, hence "skee" and "bo" (Bo Jackson)

2. an ancient martial art practiced by young women that consists mainly of a bobbing motion of the head whilst between a man's legs, ex. oral sex
Gimme skeebo like Jay does and like the butcher owes you money.
by BurinB March 29, 2004
An elbow that consists of a bad scab that is dicolored usually pink and white.

When scab is still fresh and liquidly the white puss looks like a cum shot on an elbow.
Mija- O man that scab is nasty it looks like someone skeeted on ur elbow.... (Skeebo)
by Skeebo.. April 16, 2009
A 'Skater' and a 'Greebo' combined to make 'Skeebo', formly hang about at Night with Skateboards.

by Aaron (Homie) November 15, 2004
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