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Slang for Jewish; used to describe things.
Seinfeld is a very ziv show.
by AZNalyssa January 04, 2006
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(Verb) To spend an unreasonable amount of time and energy and often one's every waking hour on research and purchasing of consumer products that are useless beyond measure, doing so inappropriately at the office or on the toilet via cell phone, often sacrificing one's own personal dignity and relationships while all the while aiming to have the said purchased products meet one's technical "needs".
"Dude, I Zived this totally awesome fridge-door with WIFI connectivity, so I can download different opening sounds to my fridge!"
by J.W.E February 19, 2008
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A thot;a giant hoe and chonchi who is thirsty af.
You are such a Ziv, you wear Filas instead of Nike.
Man, the girl is such a Ziv. I heard that she sucked on ten guys dicks.
by RMS_OfficerLiu_Thot_Task_Force January 13, 2015
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