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a word that can be used to describe anything. Used by Smile & Nod in place of jibberish...
Skeeba... Skeee---Ba.
by Amanda Sitko March 10, 2004
39 6

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I've got 3 words... "Smile and Nod" baby!
Skeeba? Skeeba, skeeba? Skeeba!!!
by Courtney Richards February 08, 2004
19 6
Two-bit ho; skeeza

corruption of Mush Mouth's
" skeezba "
She killed him for calling her a two-bit skeeba; beat him to death with a sack o' quarters.
by Rick Wilson October 01, 2003
3 21
A last name of a girl from 1st period that I thought was funny.
(roll call): Sanders, Scott, Skeeba "hahahahhahhah"
by andy March 06, 2003
6 24