Combining the arts of skiing and drinking.
We need to go and Ske. I feel like carving up the mountian but can't wait for Apre later in the day.
by alakers007 February 25, 2008
Top Definition
1)A big headed boy.
2)A Ghanaian boy with an extremely BIG HEAD
" Ske walked in front of the projector and completely blocked the screen. It was similar to an eclipse"
by Urban Legend February 03, 2005
Added to the end of anything! Made up by/for mexicans who wear abercrombie and fitch.
Are you going to the lakeske'?

Yo brosuff I got drunkske' listening to daveske' with five other dudeske's.

example: poopske', beerske', carske', dudeske'
by Coconut/Mexican September 11, 2007
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