at first not that bad, i had a few skater friends who were pretty cool. about 1/4 of the skaters are still loyal to just liking the sport for what it is and how good thtey were, and not being like everyone else. Its just when you get the stupid asshole tight pants boys who think they're all that just because they have a $60 C1RCA jacket, and an $80 pair of KR3W pants. I actually didn't mind these guys until they all started being stuck up and thinking they were better than everyone else. all the skater friends I have are completely normal, regular jeans, cheap t-shirts, and maybe a good pair of skating shoes. but that is it. I found out that they were actually better at boarding then the stupid elite guys who thought they were good, calling everybody "posers" and shit. I think that people who skateboard are cool guys, its just the stupid wannabe assholes that give every skater a bad reputation for being a stupid bitch and a bad guy. I DONT MIND PEOPLE WHO ARE GOOD AT SKATEBOARDING. JUST THE STUPID DUMB SHITS WHO THINK THAT IF YOU WEAR VANS, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST POSER EVER. GET A FUCKING LIFE. ITS JUST SHOES, NOT THE FUCKING APPOCALYPSE.
tight pants skater boy: DOOD were did u get those vans there fuckin sweet.
non-bitch kid wearing cool vans just because he likes them:the vans store at the mall, where else.
tight pants skater boy: i was just fucking with you. those are so gay and retarded. if you dont even skate, you shouldnt even have the right to go inside that store, FUCKING POSER. besides, vans suck, C1RCA is the shit. (all his faggot friends laugh with him)
non-bitch kids friend whos good at skating but doesnt show it: (goes up to tight pants boy and beats the fucking shit out of him, all the others fleeing, and coming back to school never wearing tight pants again. then the non bitch kid gets lots of compliments on his shoes by everybody.)
by FUCK ALL FAG SKATERS January 08, 2008
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A skater is a human being who enjoys riding a skateboard because it is fun. a lot of skaters could be classified as 'punks' but this is just a stereotype. true, some skaters so wear tight jeans and a pair of emericas, but a lot of them just dress 'normally'.

there are vert skaters and street skaters. vert skaters skate in halfpipes. street skaters skate stairs and ledges and such. street is currently more popular than vert, mainly because it is easier to do. not to say that it requires less skill; I mean that street requires no ramp, therefore it can be done in more places that vert.

skateboarders are often said to be druggies, but this is simply not true... True skateboarders have no use for drugs. It's all about landing those tricks! landing a trick is the ultimate high.

I could say a lot more but i don't have a lot of time to write so I'll end it hear.

skateboarding is not a fad, it's a way of life.
while i may not skateboard every day, i do it for the right reasons... not to get girls or to cash in on the rise in popularity that skateboarding has suddenly taken.
by karl May 26, 2004
Normally skaters are fine. It's when you get these elite skater assholes who call everyone a poser and make fun of beginners. That is where skaters get a bad reputation as punk and assholes.
Beginner: Hi! Can you guys show me how to do that?
by iwannabeanalcoholic January 19, 2005
A skater is someone who skateboards. Whether they be good or bad, it only should count if they enjoy what they get out of skating. If you only skate to earn credit at school...i hate to label ya, but thats what you call a poser...
the fags on here that say you have to be good to ba considered a skater, or people who think all skaters are potheads. FUCK YOU.
by Shady Lane December 16, 2004
Somebody who will do something fun instead of drink, smoke, spit, swear, fight unlike kevs
Skater 1 "Lets go skatin dude"
Skater 2 "Why not"
Skater 3 "Lets see if we can 360 flip that ledge over there"
by Jimbo June 27, 2004
skaters don't let friends rollerblade...
Skaters compete on skateboard. Fruit booters ride around on 'aggressive inline skates'.
by candace April 14, 2003
1.) Someone who wears baggy clothes, i.e. hoodies, jeans etc. These so-called 'skaters' can't always skate, but townies like to call them skaters because they reckon it's an insult.
2.) (the REAL definition) Someone who loves to skate (and can actually do it), not just some poser who thinks they are a skater just because they wear skate clothes. A skater can be anyone - grunger, goth, hippie, punk, mosher or even a stupid townie.
Darren is a real skater - he can actually STAY ON his board for more than 3.02 seconds.
by gothicangel November 19, 2003
Basically, a skater is just that. Someone who skateboards. You need to put no stereotype upon us-in fact, i know a chav who skates! Skaters wear whatever they want to, and because of this often appear non-conformist, however they wear what they feel is comfortable.

On the other hand, just wearing skate clothes does not make you a poser. Many people wear skate shoes because they are comfy-thats wot theyre made for (apart from skating). However, wearing skate clothes and claiming to be a skater, without the ability to even do an ollie is being a poser.

And hey-being a skater doesnt mean you do drugs-i dont smoke weed, i dont smoke, but i skate. Sure, some skaters do weed, but its their body to fuck up.

Most skaters dont mind bmxers or inline skaters, everyone can use the park. And yeah, course we piss people off by street skating-thats part the fun. Lighten up, dont be so materialistic. We're out having fun, all you can do is stand around and complain that we're having more fun than you.

Skater 1: Woah! Just landed a 180 earlygrab roastbeef off the flatbank!
Skater 2: Rad
by Helmet Lad October 07, 2005
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