skating the most awsome thing on earth and the only style defined by not what you listen to but what you do skaters do get arrested alot but never steel only get in skate get out and they tend to be anarchests for this reason
me:dude lets hit the park
david:fuck yes dude
by c.a.m June 10, 2005
1.One who rides a skateboard.
2.One who has skills in skateboarding.
3.Term some posers declare themselves to be
1. "I ride a skateboard therefore I'm a skater." Johnny says.
2. Marc Johnson is a skater.
3. Mike says he's a skater but he's just a poser
by Semispozzle June 06, 2004
A person who loves to skakeboard and don't give a F*** about anything else. They also tend to be really funny. And like to make fun of people and like to play pranks on them!
Skaters are funny!
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
A person that skate boards. It doesn't matter what you wear. You can dress "Preppy" and skate. It doesn't matter what race or gender you are either. You don't have to skate good to be a skater. You don't have to own a board. You can use somebody else's. The music you like-DOESN'T MATTER. A "Skater" is exactly what it sounds like.
:) Skater's are pretty cool. Such as... I am one myelf.
by jennifer lowry May 26, 2007
a cool person with a life. hates them stupid chavs that smoke and loung around. likes skating, rock music, and everything anti-chav.
by Darius November 28, 2003
a person that can skate, unlike the dipshit haters that wear skate shoes and then slag off skaters, stoopid posers, fuck them!!!!
most of the people who did entrys for skaters are fucked in the head
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
(Actual Rarely Used Definition): A person who Skateboards because they enjoy doing so.
(Sterotypical Definition): A person, usually a guy, who wears 'Zumiez' type clothing or similar and claim to skateboard, but more often claiming how tough they are and about "pussys" they've beaten up or scared away. Usually wear skinny jeans with a neon colored shoelace and winter hats.
1. Jimmy doesn't skate too well but he fixed my board up the other day.
2. That fuckin Skater fag Devin was bs'in bout how he beat up Mike, when really he had his gang jump him while he was walkin around yesterday.
by tehcommittee June 28, 2009
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