a shaped plywood device that when used is the equivalent of gradual suicide...
provides satisfaction to those people whom are hard to satisfy...

skateboarding is not an image thing...

skateboarding = passion for pain...
yesterday i was practically sweating blood after a good day on my skateboard...

skateboarding is NOT a crime...

i love alli...
by Phil b May 10, 2003
a good sport that is now being forced into the mainstream by big, businesses, and fucking old retards that have no idea whats it's like to stand on one.
all those little kids on skateboards sporting helmets and safty gear in those cute capri-sun commercials or like that new movie grind. when will it end??
by chuck August 08, 2003
One of the greatest creations of all time. Piece of very durable wood, 1 set of trucks, 2 bearings per wheel, 4 wheels, brushings, and grip tape. Used by people who want to have fun, relieve stress, or just be themselves.
The picture for this definition is my skateboad.
by VarialFlip September 17, 2004
Skateboard is just a fucking sport
it means nothing its fucking just skate and have fun
we're not trying to say we're cool cause we skate
skate hard
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
The one thing that true sk8rs use to express themselves.
If you are truely a skater then you wont care what people say about you, you just skate because you want to, not to look good or get girls or any other reason than that.
You can usually tell if a person holding a skateboard is
poser or not by looking at the bottom of it.

---true skater's board= slide marks all over the bottom of
it, trucks show major signs of use, and one end of the
board will have a signifigant difference in the bend
because of its use.
---posers board= might show some signs of wear on the
bottom of the board, but the main difference is the
bottom of the tail end-- because it is most commonly
used to stop the board.

That's not what its meant 4- duh!

oh and 1 more thing,
the difference between a poser and a skater
I didn't write this, but it's the truth
Skater 1: Ok I'm gonna try kickfilpin onto the rail then
50-50 down it.
Skater 2: Fuck you have Ballz
Skater 1: *Kickflip grinds half way and bail and graze arm,
Gets up and try again*
(8 tries past)
Skater 1: *kickflip grinds down and rolls away with a
smile* Skateboarding

Poser 1: Hey ladies hows it going??? i'm gonna go do bad
stuff on my skateboard and maybe get arrested
Chick 1: Go on impress us
Poser 1: Ummmmm Errrrr *Scratch Head* Ummmmm *try to ollie
gets the front wheel up and then stright down*
Chick 2: What was that???
Poser 1: I have a sore ankle thats all *Skates away*
(Goes home and plays Tony Hawk) Fagboarding

(BTW I personally have nothing against the Tony Hawk games,
its just that most posers are like, "Yah, I'm a great sk8tr, I can land a kickflip on a video game, but that's the extent of it.")
by Peter Olson March 03, 2008
THE MOST AMAZING PIECE OF WOOD IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO DO THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. Basically its a piece of wood to do the sport skateboarding on and its great.
The skateboard life is no easy life, but the best life
by skaterboardkid July 05, 2015
A short narrow board having a set of four wheels mounted under it, ridden in a standing or crouching position and often used to perform stunts
Tony Hawk is a skateboard legend.
by illEATurHARTout March 11, 2004

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