Though "skat singing" is popular in jazz culture, "skat" by itself is the past-tense word for the verb "skeet." In essence, it means "ejaculated."
"Dude I skat all over her face without even warning her!"
by Hispanic Causing Panic May 02, 2009
Past tense of skeet.
"I just skatted on your mom"

"Damn, Walker just got skatted on!"
by I'm the skat-man February 24, 2009
a person who is neither skinny nor fat
Damn that girl is Skat!
by AZT3C PANCHO February 16, 2009
To quickly leave the area,
"Quick the cops are coming, lets skat!"
by bubsay October 12, 2008
someone who looks homeless(usually poor), is always high and usually stinks of piss.

can also be used to describe yourself when stoned.
did you see that tramp piss in his mouth ? yeah what a skat

man this joint is making me skat,
by amandahompton April 24, 2011
To have skeeted.

-Past-tense form of the word "skeet"
-To cum in the past-tense
"This gold plated charm around my neck is the first skeet that I ever skat."
by H&H Destruction January 15, 2009
It is the female version of skeet, the sexual juices from a women
Would you drink angelina jolie skat? i would he he.....he
by van buren777 March 25, 2009

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