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A "tracker" to see which people are looking at your myspace, that DOESN'T exist, so STOP forwarding those stupid bulletins or I'm deleting you off my friends list, ho!
There aren't any myspace trackers that work, most of them are bulletins created to help people make money off of advertising.
by Lynese June 19, 2006
1) An elf from the Harry Potter series that has to obey its master and do whatever is asked of it. It can only become free if master presents it with clothes. (Some house elves work in the Hogwarts school kitchens.)

2) Someone who listens to everything that his parents tell him to do, even bogus things like ironing a bunch of clothes, vaccuming a car he doesn't drive, fixing vegetables, etc. Some house elves have cell phones that go off at random times, always from the parent asking him to do a task, and because of his house elf nature he is forced to obey.
"Dobby had to obey Lucius Malfoy because he was his house elf"

"Why does Johnny always iron the clothes, vaccum, and fix the vegetables when he could just refuse? He's such a house elf!!"
by Lynese July 30, 2005
On AIM, when you IM someone right when they sign on, and their buddy info still says that they've been online for only one minute. Most of the time people wait until it says 2 minutes, to avoid feeling like a stalker.
Sally: Omg Jason just signed on and I totally one-minuted him by accident!
Kristin: =-O STALKER!!
by Lynese February 26, 2006
When someone is not skinny, but not quite fat. Usually have muffin tops.
Ew look at that roll peeking out from "Gabrielle's" black shirt? She's skat and that's nasty.
by Lynese March 03, 2006
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