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rude boy/girl/person who listens to ska music and/or participates in the act of skanking.
gordon mcrae is a fuckin skankster
by rudy October 31, 2003
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A skankster is a skank that is also a gangster. This person can usually be defined by their clothing, for example. A skankster would probably wear a wife-beater with a bikini-top instead of a bra. In addition, a skankster is often allowing her thong to hang over the top of her pants so that people can see it. A skankster can also be defined by their actions. For instance, if she's drinking a 40 of beer while doing you...she's probably a skankster.
For example

Sandy - 'Jocelyn looked like such a skankster at the prom, couldn't she afford to wear a real bra?'

Nancy - 'Man, Shelby is such a skankster'
Jill - 'She totally isn't, I heard she's still a virgin!'

Carly - 'I think I'm going to dress up like a skankster for halloween.'
Jesse - 'What's that?'
Carly - 'It's a mix between a skank, and a gangster, can you go pick me up a brown paper bag,a Colt 45, and a crack pipe?'
by seniorponcho February 19, 2010
Females who dress, talk or act like they're hood, but look dumb and slutty doing it.
Those girls think they're hard, but they're really just a pack of skanksters.
by Stealthy Mcfondleballs July 24, 2011
A ho ass gangster, nuff said
Lil Kim is a goddamn skankster
by El Vatoloco September 21, 2005
A skank amongst gangsters.
That bitch is such a skankster, she needs to pull those pants up off her ass!
by B.Shane January 04, 2007
one who is both :

skank and gangster.

Who possess the qualities and characteristics of a skank and gangster.

'Looks like a skank but talks like a gangster'

Looks like a gangster acts like a skank'
by ki-kiiiiiii August 07, 2009
An all too unpleasant female gangster, who doubles as a skank.
gal 1: WTF is with that Mo'nique?!?

gal 2: ugh, she's such a skankster, I don't even want to talk about it.
by filmphreak January 17, 2009

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