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A particularly hideous breed of skank that not only smells like spoiled salsa, but sleeps with people to gain a feeling of validation. Some skankdragons have even been known to screw someone in their (supposed)best friend's bed.
Merissa is a complete skankdragon.
by lady_scarab March 23, 2007

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A person that engorges their personality with Goth, death, and negativity. They are usually seen embalmed in black and grey clothes with eyeliner smeared around their eyes, lips, and nipples. They often listen to punk and thrash music and frequently talk of committing suicide. 99 percent of the time they never actually commit suicide, but many wind up in the hospital with scratches on their wrists or a stomach full of Advil. They also tend to pierce their bodies with more metal than is in my car's radiator.
I wish those skank dragons would cheer up, their lack of excitement is giving me a softie.
by Justice Served August 21, 2008