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a fat, giant, disgusting skank. they tend to be very large and have rigidity e
uneven teeth, like a dinosaur. an even more obese skank may be referred to as a skankasaurours rex.
person A: Kate is really gross and fat, she's definitely a skankasaurous.
Person B: But Megan is way fatter and equally disgusting, she's a skankasaurous rex.
#skank #slut #hoe #hooker #smut.
by twentyonebaby March 08, 2011
the biggest skank u will ever meet


the girl whos with the guy you like
that skankasaurous she was all up on that guy and she just met him two minutes ago

look at that skankasaurous she thinks they look so cute together just wait a week
#skank #whore #slut #prostitute #exgirlfriend
by omgeep June 09, 2009
A person, most often a female, who is so skanky that s/he supersedes the original definition of skank, and moves to the next level of skankiness. A person who flaunts his/her skankiness in a way that makes them wreak of skank.
What a skankasaurous...
You're such a skankasarous in that outfit.
#skank #skankasorous #skanky #skankalicious #whore
by salemthomas November 19, 2008
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