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A girl that have sex with every person she sees.
That skank hoe fucked my man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
by SEXYBACKY September 20, 2006
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a female,janky-ass, mofo on dah wellfare who frequents taco bell, KFC, and Subway. Think gawdy loud makeup, gold jewlery, and little to no teef.
Hey those are my white lycra capris?
Hell no skank-hoe!
by Caaaaaaaaaaaaat October 24, 2005
someone bothersome, and boring, who tries to be original but gets on your nerves

Stop being such a skankhoe..
by Whatitisyo June 24, 2005
a term used to identify someone that has pissed you off, or someone that annoys you.
That Skank hoe won't bring me my drink that i ordered five minutes ago.
by Sean Phillipson March 16, 2008
the area of the elephant's trunk that smells like jizz
that elephant has a nasty skank hoe
by Martha Durant December 12, 2003

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