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Skanky heifer.Boozhie.REALLY SKANKY!
That ugly Skank a Dank took all of my money.
by SKI SKI November 07, 2004
a nasty bitch

one who smells
Get your skankadank ass out of here bitch
by Big Arlem October 03, 2004
dirtyass; seedy, stemy, trash-weed that won't get ANYBODY high!!
There used to be good bud around here, but now it's just skankadank.
by doug4:20 December 07, 2007
something which is awesome, rad, or just plain amazing and slightly crazy. this can be used in the place of words such as cool, funnky, and is condensed version of typical phrases like "damn that shit is whack"
"skankadank, this is goooood banana"

"Oh, skankadank, we won the super bowl"

"dude, MILF dont explain your mum. she is skankadank
by hippy from land down under May 29, 2005

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