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The act of taking one for the team. Doing a skank in order to get something she has access to.
Tim was skank wrangling to get tickets to the Browns game.
by Therickman June 07, 2005
Skankwrangling comes in to play when a gathering of people contains an unacceptable dude to chick ratio. (Anything over 1:1 should be considered unacceptable.) When the unacceptable ratio is realized, the dudes at the gathering will immediately begin scrolling down their contacts list on their cell phones calling every chick they know in order to establish equilibrium.
Guy 1: "Dude this ratio is completely unacceptable"
Guy 2: "Yeah man, I just realized that"
Guy 1: "Go gather all the dudes, it's time for some skankwrangling."
by thisprovidence32 March 27, 2009
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