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To take a dump. (In honor of Art Modell, who screwed the people of Cleveland by moving the Browns to Baltimore.)
My dawg took a Modell in the neighbor's yard.
by Therickman October 30, 2004
Having one's head so far up their boss's ass and still being able to breathe out his nostrils when the boss is standing in 5 feet of water!
Gregg Goings was butt snorkeling again at lunch today.
by Therickman December 17, 2003
The act of taking something that is working perfectly normal and replacing it with something that doesn't.
Coca Cola sure pulled a TecSys when they introduced new Coke!
by Therickman November 17, 2004
The act of taking one for the team. Doing a skank in order to get something she has access to.
Tim was skank wrangling to get tickets to the Browns game.
by Therickman June 07, 2005
A driver, usually from the state of Michigan, who drives in the left lane, refusing to move over.
That damn Michigander should move over into the right lane!
by Therickman November 11, 2004
Little man syndrome - Something small people possess. Mad at the world because of their short height.
My boss has a bad case of LMS!
by Therickman May 22, 2005
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