A crazy friend who wants to go out clubbing/drinkng all the time.
mann, you're becoming a "skam".
Maybe you should settle down before you end up a "skam".
Why cant we stay home honey? I'm cant handle your "skam" behaviour anymore.
by szabby July 12, 2006
Another word for the term Marijuana

"Yo mang let me get some of that hot skam"
by herert May 09, 2006
A very versatile verb meaning various valuable definitions such as "getting with" "crushing"

It can also be used a replacement for the "bomb"
Oh skam! He just hit a shot
by Skammotive July 14, 2011
A scandalous occurrence
Girl, I saw Jim kiss another girl. That's such a skam!

She's always looking for drama...she's skamalacious!
by Vlada February 06, 2008
sorta kinda almost maybe...just another way of saying idk
Billy-Bob: "Hey, do you want to go to the skate park with me later?"
Jacky-Joe: "Skam, dude. I gotta check my plans."
by mean girls gone gongers October 26, 2007
Plan, itinerary, docket, agenda
"Here's the skam: first we go to the corner store for some cigarettes and then hit downtown. Later on we'll return for some drinks at my house."
by Halcyon-X12 April 19, 2005

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