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1. Person whom persuades your significant other to end a perfectly good relationship due to your lack of faith 2. a small benign wart on or around the genitals and anus that causes an extreme amount of itching 3. someone or something that really pisses you off 4. a generic but very offensive insult
1. "My girlfriend dumped me because this skagg told her I don't go to church" 2. "Dude, I can't stop scratching my balls; I've got skaggs really bad" 3. "My car is acting skaggish: it never runs" 4. "Quit being such a fucking skagg!"
by Julian Ciampa April 29, 2004
An incredibly strange looking woman who thinks she is much smaller and or much hotter than she actually is.

Skaggs usually wear clothes that are far too tight and often dance like strippers.
"Ew! Did you see that Skagg over there dancing?" "omg, yeah! Her girlfriend is a total Skagg as well"
by BitchyMcbitchness May 21, 2010
Typically a douchebag faggot bitch that tends to act like a manwhore but never gets any action whatsoever. And usually is followed around by a creepy old lady with a cat that constantly tells him that she wants to marry him who is called a brittany
Guy One: "Hey did you see those two guys back there?"

Guy Two: "Yeah! The tall one looked like a total Skaggs."
by a very special friend ;) November 17, 2010
a word that can mean any type of foul language such as fuck and penis, such as a "wild card" for swear words

if you take credit for this i will hunt you down and skagg you, your parents and your dog+hamster in front of your eyes
I'm going to skagg that Racoon to death

motherskagger=one that skagg's your mom

if you take credit for this i will hunt you down and skagg you, your parents and your dog+hamster in front of your eyes

I stubbed my fucking skagger!!!
by Stephen, Sean, and Therese June 23, 2010
a hard nigga, dont fuck wit him. Hes got a huge load and a fat chode.
damn, did you see skaggs rip her up?
by johnkyleeeeee April 28, 2011
1. Adj-a very stinky fart
2. Adj- a very stinky burp
3. Adj- gas that leads to taking a duke.
Skagg, Skaggs, Skagged
Eww, did you just Skagg?

I just skagged out of my mouth.

I've got a bad case of the scags from eating that mexican food on the way to Texas.

I just skagged in the toilet.
by TynaJoey June 04, 2009
a word meaning cigarette
yo playa let me bum a skagg.
lets go to the store, im almost out of skaggs.
let me hit that skagg.
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