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hei josh there r otha races therr dat r not azn dat r kool 2....gosh....its not all bout da azns
no-duh!!! so could u pleaz include oda peeps 2....thanx
by sum peep December 27, 2003
0 3
sJf fooz meanz family ya kno..even if sum peepz dont think so..

..hOo AggReez wit meh?..
gots a krew hoo no matta hoo b in it believez in fam.. different racez united..hehe fo sho!
by »» wItTLe KaRi « « January 02, 2004
1 2
o man fo shizzzle dizzle shit aiyte aiyte damn there ARE SOME cool non AzNs at SjF...aiyte there happy...i need some tp for my bungholio...haha lol
we b the SjF foos fa sho hurrr shit we gonna take over this place haha
by Joshdizzzllle December 29, 2003
3 4
people that hate sjf but the people there matter...
sjf foos fa sho are kool...
by Lo0p January 02, 2004
1 3
thanx josh, its all bout da sjf peeps woo hoo were so dat
its da sjf peeps fo sho.....if u in our skool ryt a message
by ~{bekka}~ January 01, 2004
1 4
people dat belong to SJF and r proud of it...i think..lolz
We're SJF fOoz Fa ShO.
by >{~PeNGi~}< December 27, 2003
3 7
w/e daniel shit this all bout the otha skoo has betta AzNs than our fo sho
it all bout the AzNs right daniel
by Joshdizzzllle December 25, 2003
0 4