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A title given to sexually confused boys when they come of age.
My friend next door is a batti boy. He wears nothing but Batistini clothing!
by skabbmannen October 03, 2003
A substance of unknown origin that tends to bubble and spit uncontrollably at things in its vicinity. See also: wordHot Sizzling Jazword.
OMG! That's some sick sizzlin' shit u got there m8!
by skabbmannen October 03, 2003
A very wordgosuword WarCraft III player. Most known as the co-founder and webmaster of the Assmasters of the Universe clan.
That good ol' skabbmannen is very shabby and gross indeed!
by skabbmannen October 03, 2003
A well known swedish composer of art, music and style. His most famous works include "The Indian Song", "Snusmumrikens själ" and "Konungens Fest". JahCrab is gosu
Have you heard JahCrabs latest song? It's really l33t!
by skabbmannen June 04, 2003
A fact that you have been owned hard. i.e. defeated pretty bad.
I got ownerized bye Tiller in our last game.
by skabbmannen June 04, 2003
Something thats really wild, uncontrollable and just stirring, boiling, frying and smoking like crazy! Calling someone a hot sizzling jaz usually means that it's a very wild and smooth person.
batti: Shit! I've never seen someone as hot wordsizzlingword as that jaz! He bubbled away totally uncontrollable ffs!
someone else: wordfo' shizzle my nizzleword
by skabbmannen October 03, 2003
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