1.A number inbetween 68*sixty-eight and 70(seventy)
2.A sexual position involving a man to be upside down (or vice versa) with a man using his tongue on the girl and the girl is sucking the guys dick.
chick:Oh a little to the left...
man:ahhhhh yes yes oh yes!!!
by J. J. Rockin' Man May 20, 2005
Top Definition
sexual position where both partners are performing oral sex on each other at the same time
You talkin bout six, to the nine indeed - LL Cool J "Doin It Remix"
by that dozen April 30, 2005
A sexual position that aligns the mouth and genitals of both partners so that both can enjoy having oral sex performed on them and performing oral sex at the same time. The sillhouette of this position resembles the number 69.
It's not good enough just to have oral sex when you can sixtynine.
by thatthing February 09, 2004
Sexual position where 2 people of any sex perform oral sex on each other at the same time
d00d did you see that pr0n movie where those 2 girls did a sixty-nine?
by Ge64 July 30, 2005
Posing with another, while naked, in the form of a 69. Usually involves a male and a female, the female sucking the males genitals, while the male is licking, or sucking the females genitals. Can usually be referred to as oral sex
"Hey Michelle you want to have sixty nine before we have sex afetr dinner tonight!?" says John. Michelle says "I'd prefer not to, I just want the sex"
by haveachat February 26, 2008
A Damn Good Time.
"We were in a full sixtynine and I was having a Damn Good Time!
by Mr. Scratch February 29, 2004
a sexual position in wich two people of the same or different genders suck each others frontal mid section such as penis or vigina.
two male were sucking eachothers dick in a sixty-nine positoin.
by bobby sirfucksalot May 09, 2003
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