Either well developed abs or a case of six beers. Frequent consumption of the latter usually prevents the former from happening.
Getting a six pack from the gym is a lot harder and a lot less enjoyable than getting one from the store.
by JA24 May 08, 2009
Wise women who dispense advice and shoulders for the exhausted to sob on. Prefer to be found near fermented beverages when not kicking ass in the real world (or Wisconsin).
I feel terrible. I need to call up my Six Pack.
by Taco Gyro April 14, 2010
A modified 440 magnum engine made by MoPar from 1969 to 1972. They took a stock 440, put on an Edelbrock aluminum intake, and stuck on 3 2-bbl. Holley carbs, among other, more minor things. One of the greatest muscle car engines of all time. Could compete with the 426 Hemi, the 428CJ, and the LS6 454. Rated at 390hp, 490ft-lbs.
The '69 Six-Pack Road Runner is one of the fastest cars ever. They can outrun many modern sports car, and look cooler while doing it.
by Myajd jdg June 23, 2005
australian version of the shocka... use motion as to pick up a six pack to place the index and middle fingers into the stink hole and the thumb into the pink hole... the down under version of 2 in pink 1 in stink... thus called 2 in stink 1 in pink...
mate i gave her the six pac of her life
by spencer swain May 21, 2005
6 cans or bottles - usually beer or soda.

see also sixer
I started out the night by drinking a six pack.
by Barney March 15, 2004
A congregation of 6 yeast based beverages to make a bloody good time.
After these six-packs i'm going to be wasted.
by Tompki September 27, 2006
Female version of the "nerd herd". Group of girls/women who the best looking is a 6.
Don't look now, but a six pack just rolled in the door looking desperate.
by Pot Head Johnny July 16, 2008
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