A six wheeled, six wheel drive all terrain and anphibious vehicle. Used mainly for hunting to get into mountainous or heavily treed areas.
Vroom! six wheels, floats nuf said!
by lilshawn June 14, 2004
thirty six. As seen in over-used dry humour attempts on this website.
teacher: what is six by six?

Student: twenty five
by Gumba Gumba June 06, 2004
Usually used with the measurement unit of feet this describes the area or more precisely the length by the width.

It can often be used when you are multiplying six by six. In this case the answer is thirty six.
Ever hate it the way people always say their dick is six by six? More like 0.06 by 0.06.
by Conor June 15, 2004
very large person
in europe we have four by four but in the US they have six by six
by Stef June 14, 2004
A huge ass wang!

A piece of wood, similar to a 2 by 4
Shit dawg! That guy has a six by six!
by Not Chris Kendig June 07, 2004
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