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When MSN Messenger unexpectedly kicks you off suddenly and resets all your backgrounds. Commonly used to relieve aggrivasion because of this.
Taji: Omg what happened?!
Jingmei: ...Goddamnmsn...
by Purifico January 28, 2004
German for "wallet" or "man purse".

In the most common context in the United States, the word portemonnaie is used to refer to an extremely large, feminine, extravagant, and overly gilded wallet in which a male uses. Most can fit keys and even cell phones comfortably inside of them. However, use of the word "portemonnaie" is always in a teasing or insulting context.
Markin: I got a new portemonnaie, yay!
Kirk: Very homosexual looking..
by Purifico May 29, 2004

1) Worthy of receiveing a lol as a comment.

2) Very funny.

(Usually used as net lingo; not actually in real life)
Yingpyon: <insert funny statement here>
Naiomi: That was lolleriffic!
Yingpyon: Hehe, thanks! ^_^
by Purifico July 08, 2004
The opposite of a teehee. Instead of a giggle or chirp, an antiteehee is something such as a grunt or growl of scorn.
Keiko: I got an A+ and you only got a B... teehee! ^_^
Mr. Sailles: ..antiteehee. W_W
by Purifico March 14, 2005
A rip off of Faith's "five by five" slogan. Often used by an extreme Buffy fangirl.
Kirsty: How are you?!
Jenelle: Pfft, six by six.
by Purifico June 17, 2004

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