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A cool ass nig, whose topaz has 8 inch rims.
damn hes a fucking sisay
by Conner O'Leary February 11, 2005
This word/name originated in Ethiopia, which is in eastern Africa. Sisay is the dopest boy of the crew. He gets all the girls, and sleeps in money. When you look at Sisay, you can already tell that he's going to be or is a successful person. He's also the hottest boy. Don't mess with him, or he'll pull out a 22 caliber on yo ass. This kid is and always will be better than you. So don't try, honey, you'll never beat him. He's the real nigga in this town.
That kid is a Sisay.
I'm the real Sisay.
by Shmoney March 10, 2015
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