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Suckup. The undignified and obseqious debasement or ingratiation of oneself to another in the hope of currying favor.
Make sipsip naman to the bakla teacher so you get good grades.
by Pau January 03, 2004
Severely Insecure Person Seeking Immediate Promotion (or Position)
You can't trust a SIPSIP person; they just suck you up.
by patas na pinoy July 10, 2008
(n.) kiss ass, ass wipe. someone who licks ass for a living. someone effing for attention or an effing goody-two-shoe.
My friend's sipsip. He will do everything just to pass our subject.
by violins March 18, 2007
Another term for sizzurp, purple drank, etc., (a combination of promethazine with codeine cough syrup, sprite, and jolly ranchers)
"We understand that typically sometime this codeine syrup is mixed with a beverage, like Sprite, and they call it sip-sip, Myles told WALA-TV in Mobile."

(Actual quote from an article about JaMarcus Russell's arrest)
by dmartco July 06, 2010
The action of sucking out the juices and tamale out of a shrimp head, especially in cases when cooked in a broth or soup.
It's all in the technique, Twist the Head off gently and sipsip juices out of the head... awww it's like concentrated shrimp.
by ZerrinMa February 27, 2010
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