to sip a drink inappropriately clearly at a time of serious imbibement or to drink mid strength beers when you are not skipper
did yo see that chundeross sipper with his middy of mid strength? Watch he doesn't JF you.
by frictionalist January 08, 2010
Top Definition
Insult connoting the means by which one swallows semen; an alternative to the term "cum guzzler". Typically used to describe a reserved, conservative individual whose behaviour or personality evokes disgust or indignation.
You: Check out that old bitch in the business suit eyeing us with a look of disapproval.

Me: Yeah -- what a fuckin' sipper.
by faustus December 02, 2006
A sipper is a person who consumes copious amounts of cough syrup otherwise known as "lean", "sizzurp", "syrup", "purple drank", "purp", "barre", "purple jelly", "texas tea" and "Tsikuni" to get a high from the promethazine/codeine. Typically served in a double cupped styrofoam cup with Sprite and crushed ice.
"She's double cupping, she's definitely a sipper!"
by sosalty October 14, 2013
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