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A troll that doesn't know how to spell.
I'm out like siox in a spelling bee.
by PolishPanda October 08, 2004
16 6

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A kid that posts on the internets GameBattles.com and is uglier than most, and almost as fat as Husker. He quit GameBattles recently after making his 17th new username, to try to get a "fresh start on gamebattles". Now used as a derrogatory term.
Not many people can be classified as siox's, but you are one. You siox, you.
by Husker October 24, 2004
22 13
Name meaning, jerk, noob, gayboy, and just an all around Insult.
Guy A: Dude I lost your money.
Guy B: You F'n Siox!
by HoRz October 24, 2004
8 2
ugly kid that wears rags on his head
HAHAHAHHAHAH LIEK OMGZ THAT KID IS A SIOX!!!!one11!one1 roffel roffel
by peehaze October 24, 2004
7 3
A fat, ugly piece of shit. Has the grammatical skills of a 4th grader. Simply put, waste of life.
Damn, it must suck to be Siox.
by Vega October 24, 2004
7 3
Ugly, Retarded, fat and stupid
Your a siox!

Your mom is a siox.
by Sjorden belliveau (reaper1) October 24, 2004
7 3