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1). It is something you say when referring to a total reject, or idiot. Normally, this is not a term one would hear in civilised conversation.

2). It can also mean no.

3). Another way of telling somebody to go away.
1). GIRL 1: "That man over there is humping a tree!"
GIRL 2: "Omg what a total siobs! I bet he has no friends."

2). BOT 1: "Can I borrow some lipstick?"
BOY 2: "Siobs! Get your own!"

3). GIRL: "What time is it?"
BOY: "Siobs off, you faggot!"
by conkers1 June 05, 2009
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Sort It Out Bro
SIOB is used in retaliation to someone being an idiot
by rcwords September 26, 2012

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