A singularity is a region of infinite density and zero volume where gravitational parameters diverge to infinity. The center of black holes are theorized as singularities that are surrounded by an event horizon (schwarzschild radius).
Some scientists theorize that the singularity breaks down all the laws of physics. Some scientists disagree.
by Tiger Lady July 29, 2006
Top Definition
A point in time at which, theoretically, technological progress accelerates exponentially, such that nothing taking place follwing said point can be predicted.
"Yeah, the singularity took place this morning. You missed it, 'cause of your hangover. It'll take you centuries to catch up."
by Protag June 28, 2006
A by product of a person Shitting, Pissing, Vomiting, Ejaculating, Burping, Sneezing and Farting at once.

This is the moment in which space time ceases to exist and all matter in the universe will implode.
"After a night of heavy binge drinking and a Pepe's Burrito, Ralph unwittingly destroyed the universe by creating a Singularity in his bathroom."
by Grizzly August 28, 2009
A point or event in spacetime after or within which predictions cannot be made accurately or relevantly.
When AI became a reality, so did a technological singularity.
by Theory March 13, 2003
N. Having computers operate at 10^17 operations per second, or teh speed of teh human brain. Acoording to Moore's law, this will be reached in 2025.
Do not fear Singularity!!!
by Jeff November 09, 2004
n. A point in societal evolution at which an infinite amount of development occurs within a finite space of time. After the Singularity there will be a unity of intention and action, of self and other, of thought and communication.
"The Singularity will occur, there is no stopping it. Embrace the darkness."
by Lyzzie April 28, 2008
a term commonly used on Star Trek to refer to anything the show's crappy writers didn't want to explain in the script.
"OMFG, Captain Kirk!!!1 Its a singularity!" "Shit dawg, thats the third one of them mofo's this week!"
by iced_tea December 26, 2003
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