when you are alone without a partner you are not involved with anyone and most of the time you miserable being
question:do you have a girlfriend?
answer:no i'm single
by cutie December 26, 2003
the one that everyone feels sorry for, but should really envy.
person in relationship: I had such a busy night last night, because I had to help my boyfriend wax his back hair, but it was all worth it because he took me to applebees afterwards. What did you do?
Single person: There was a lot of alcohol involved, and I invited a guy over that turned out to be a total douchebag.
person in relationship: oh no, that sounds awful
single person: yeah, but it was all worth it because he left over a bottle of patron, and I am never returning his phone calls so i can keep it. I love being single.
#freedom #happiness #the life #one-night stands #free drinks
by donkeylips6 February 11, 2010
A relationship status that is usually associated with the euphoria of being off your ol' biatch's leash. For men, it means that you can finally hang out with your friends again. For women, it means that you can stop pretending that you don't secretly want Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom inside of you at the same time.
"Hellz yus I'm single, let's go to a strip joint and stare at some titties!"


"Omg Katie, like, I'm single, and like, I just noticed that Brad Pitt is really sexie!"
#alone #break up #dumped #unwhipped #off the leash
by RICEOWL July 16, 2008
A term meaning one dollar bill.
For instance when getting change for a ten dollar bill you would say "can I get a five and five singles"
#money #one spot #one #change #dollar bill
by theemeraldfaerie May 20, 2008
Guy #1:Dude, my girlfriend just dumped me, I'm single

Guy #2:So? Seriously, I'm not getting laid either!
#dating #taken #boyfriend #girlfriend #sex
by kmfo27 April 22, 2009
A wretched state to be in when you're in love with someone who is in love with someone else / pretends that you don't exist.
I'm single, and he's in a relationship. Woe is I!
#lonely #loser #signle #relationship status #facebook
by dead fluff November 20, 2009
A college dorm room for 1 person.
I'm in a single room at college.
#one #room #college #dorm #1
by 5'11"racer November 11, 2006
A choice of lifestyle commonly used in order to be free to seek others and hope to find the right relationship that suites you
How can you be single, and we are fucking!!!

Because i have no girl, and you arent mine either!!!
#date #dating #alone #together #married
by elipsis1091985 November 16, 2009
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